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I all began when I was a little “kid” at the age of 13 years old. It was a perfect distraction to my childhood problems and made me feel so good when going against the rules and having a laugh with the rest of my kru. I remember as if it was yesterday cracking the first tags here and there and not caring about the consequences.

I have always been the kind of dude that experiments with things so I never wanted to stick to a particular tool in this case, “spray tins”. I tried to use as many different materials has I could get my hands on for my happy criminal activities.

One big thing at the time was a wax marker, it was great to write on all kinds of surfaces especially windows and to be honest me and the rest of my gang never bought a single tube of that we used to take them instead….obviously with the intention of paying at a later date…if ever!

An interesting material was “the stone” they use it for sharpening knifes with that you would scratch windows and mirrors.. damn right!!

Each time I went painting it was a mission and I was not to know what would happen to me or my mates.

The only times I went to Milan was simply to buy a few cans of paint and stealing as many as I could fit into my backpack. At the time I didn’t have enough money to spend for paint, the money I had I would rather spend it for drugs and alcohol.

I used to go to Milan also for other reasons like partying HIP-HOP in several places and discovering new yards where to go next. The parties was the place where you met your people “the writerzzz” after the party we all went painting together. It wasn’t so simple to find a good yards where to paint because you couldn’t go in somebody else’s yard unless you knew them and the places ware always far away. It was a unwritten rule not to go in somebody else’s yard, a matter of respecting who painted before you. Eventually we found several spots that nobody touched and we painted all kind of things like MAD.

Back in those days things were very different compared to today, there was more respect towards the other gangs and even if you didn’t like certain writers or kru’s you would never cover a piece of somebody else’s work, we would rather paint more than them but that’s about it. We already had the Police chasing us around so it was stupid to cover somebody else’s work.
The adrenaline that this movement generates to a person it’s amazing and addictive but it has specific rules.

Today we “graffiti vandals” are having a big problems with a lot of immature kid’s that think they are gangsters because they dress like b-boys and they sell drugs. They believe that this gives them the right to paint wherever they want not considering the “unwritten rule” of how things were back in my days..If there’s a free wall paint on it don’t paint on somebody else’s piece you will get in trouble and you will have to deal with that shit!!


and remember you are dealing with criminals, don’t fuck with them!!